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Le conseil, l’accompagnement et l’assistance constituent les principales valeurs ajoutées que nous pouvons offrir à nos clients. Sans ces valeurs ajoutées nous ne serions qu’un simple distributeur ou vendeur de produits d’assurance. Pour cela ,

 Chez MOUNT FAKO INSURANCE BROKERS & CO ,nous sommes à vos côtés pour étudier votre situation et vous proposer la meilleure protection et le produit d’assurance le plus adapté à vos besoins. Nous représentons nos clients, défendons leurs intérêts et leur procurons le meilleur rapport couverture prix, négociant les meilleurs tarifs et conditions possible en faisant constamment jouer la concurrence entre les compagnies d’assurance.

Merci de nous faire confiance

  • Experience as Entrepreneur

    of an Insurance Brokerage Company with roles as President Director General with major objective of improving the insurance market image in Cameroon. Successes in prospecting executive clients to manage their insurance portfolios to their fullest satisfaction.

  • Experience as General Manager

    of a General Insurance company with multiple roles in managing, reporting, accounting, marketing, reinsurance, claims, etc.

  • Experience as Marketing Manager

    with overall responsibility to develop markets in a newly created General Insurance Company of a Multinational Group within a very competitive environment without the help of any intermediaries.

  • Former experience as Life/Marketing executive

    for a premier Insurance Company in Cameroon. Market/product development as well as Human Resource training and management.

  • Experience as Regional Manager

    in charge of Group operations for major Multinational Insurance Company. Responsable for over all profit centre Management.

  • Experience as Account Executive and broker for major American Insurance Firm

    Providing financial planning for Businesses and Individuals.

  • Well skilled with major Financial Instruments,

    thorough knowledge of all Insurance Products and structures including employee benefits and state programs.

  • Specialized in business evaluation techniques and financial analysis.

  • Over 35 years of Marketing and Management experience in Financial services and insurance

  • MBA (Finance/Management).

    CLU / CHFC course training and successes. Exceptionally knowledgeable in computers. Other Degrees in physical and life sciences

  • Dec. 1st 2003 to Date

    Mount FAKO Insurance Brokers & Co Douala, Cameroon

    President Director General
    Prospecting and managing insurance portfolios for major companies in the Cameroonian Business market.
    Management control to pay claims timely and to reassure properly. Total client satisfaction sought. Working with local and international companies to as certain proper insurance for our clientele.

  • Sept 20, 2001-30 Nov 2003

    Beneficial General insurance Company Douala, Cameroon

    General Manager
    Managing a Casualty and Property Insurance company that was started from ground roots to a reasonably respected company with many admirers and continuous growth. Company later faced stagnation due to shareholder disputes and the insurance regulatory appointment of a provisional administrator.

  • Oct. 1st, 1999 - 19 Sept 2001

    Beneficial General insurance Company Douala, Cameroon

    Marketing Manager
    Developing new markets for a new General Insurance
    Company of an International Group. Performed staff supervision. Responsible for the well functioning system designed for premium collections and claims payment to insure top client service. Later promoted to General Manager in appreciation of efforts.

  • June 1st, 1990 - Sept. 30, 1999

    Geacam Limited Douala, Cameroon

    Life / Marketing Executive
    Develop life, medical as well as pension products for this General Insurance company that never was involved in these products thereby significantly increasing company revenues. Enforced production and marketing of all lines of General Insurance products.
    Trained interns and new recruits of company from professional schools or degree programs. Technically represented company in trade shows and many technical seminars.

  • August 1988 - April 30, 1990

    American International Group Alico Group, Management Division Douala, Cameroon

    Group Manager Cameroon
    Expatriate Group Manager resident in Cameroon. Responsibility was for West African Operations. Development of GMD’s Employee Benefits market in Cameroon. Responsible for overall profit centre development in sales/marketing, contract issue/servicing, claims.
    Responsible for all home office Reporting. Emphasis was on Life Insurance and pension as well as ASO medical plans.
    Received best territory award in company’s Multinational sales campaign in 1989.

  • June 1983 to July 1988

    The Prudential Insurance Company of America Chicago, Illinois, USA

    Special agent /Registered Representative
    Provided financial planning for individuals and educated clients in areas of wealth creation, wealth accumulation and wealth protection. Dealt with wide variety of financial instruments; restructured business plans and developed employee benefits program. Performed all marketing, prospecting, and interviewing.

  • The American College

    Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania Suspended matriculation in CLU/CHFC Program due to non funding

  • The Prudential

    Chicago, Illinois Professionally trained to market all lines of insurance, including variable contracts. Licensed in all lines + NASD Series 6, State of Illinois.

  • Roosevelt University

    Chicago, Illinois
    M.B.A Finance, Management, May 1983.
    Financed 100% of education cost.

  • Lake Forest College

    Lake Forest, Illinois
    B.A., Biology and Chemistry, 1977
    Thrice named MVP Varsity Soccer
    Named All Conference and All State Soccer Team
    Inducted into Athletic Hall of Fame in 2005

  • Lake Forest College

    Lake Forest, Illinois
    B.A., Biology and Chemistry, 1977
    Thrice named MVP Varsity Soccer
    Named All Conference and All State Soccer Team
    Inducted into Athletic Hall of Fame in 2005

Ø Bilingual: English / French.

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