Founded in 2003 by Chief Humphrey MOSENGE TANDE, MountFako (Insurance) Brokers &Co.(MFB) is an insurance brokerage firm which specialises in insurance brokerage and consultancy. MFB was duly licensed by Ministerial order N00463 /A/MINEFI/30 July 2004 to professionally exercise all lines of insurance. It is also one of the fastest growing independent insurance brokerage firm in Cameroon.

Headquartered in Douala, MFB has concentrated on building a reputation in insurance and improving a foundation on which long term credibility will be value created for our clients. We are known as the company that provides “professional services with a difference” Equipped with renowned personnel with unquestionable insurance experience with our local Cameroonian and international market. Our services will cost you no additional premium.

Clams are unfortunate but all businesses have them. This has made insurance a complicated issue needing help from a specialised intermediary to guarantee prompt attention to your insurance needs.

Aware of the terms, conditions, benefits  and exclusions and cost of a wide variety of competing insurance policies and through the conventions we have signed with renowned insurance companies we can help you to find appropriate insurance coverage for your organisation. We are your advocates and act as lawyers on your behalf. In most cases we expect to reduce your premium without compromising your coverage.

Our collaboration with our clients will include but not limited to

  • Counselling
  • Availability
  • Efficient claim management
  • Strict control of reinsurance placement
  • Guarantee client satisfaction in record time
  • Competitive insurance rates


Management of all risks associated to your activity. Comprehensive service and personalised management. A single contact person to accompany you through backed by a professional team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.


For companies and individuals wishing to confide management of their risks and claims in a specialist firm.


As a Broker, mount fako is your sole independent contact point on the insurance market.Our multidisciplinary team of specialists provide clients with risks audits, searches of optimum conditions of cover and negotiates the most favourable prices with insurers. We can set up contracts and also manage claims and settlement of claims in the best possible time. We have the fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of our clients and provide both technical and practical advice independent of any insurance company’s influence.

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